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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day Job Killer Review

At the time of writing the E-Book Day Job Killer (DJK) is the top selling ebook in the Business to Business category in the Clickbank Marketplace.

The Day Job Killer is written by the same person who wrote Adwords Miracle and Affiliate Project X, which broke the Clickbank record for sales when it was released (selling over 6,000 copies in only 1 week). The reason for the huge success is simple: people who bought it and used his methods made money, so the success spread and went viral all over the internet.

So, with that in mind I decided to buy the book myself and find out what all the fuss was about...

First of all here is a summary of what to expect in the 69 page E-Book:

1) Techniques that are are "stolen" from real internet marketers and gurus who have been using them against the average affiliate. By learning these techniques you can beat these gurus at their own game.

2) Techniques described that are simple to learn. You don't have to be a computer genius or learn lots of new skills to use them to make big money in affiliate marketing.

3) Methods that have actually been tried and tested on 12 test subjects just to prove that the techniques will work for any affiliate, regardless of level of experience (the test subjects included newbies and advanced affiliates).

4) You don't have to be rich or have a lot of money to invest in order to start making money with the Day Job Killer techniques. You will learn tricks and short-cut ways of using Google Adwords to maximize your income while avoiding any potential losses in the process.

5) Some people find it far more beneficial to learn something by watching something visual rather than reading. With this ebook, you'll not only read about the techniques and how to copy them...but you can also see a sample video of it in action.

6) The Day Job Killer is written by a guy who himself was a struggling affiliate too, not so long ago. So the techniques are designed to be brutal towards the gurus, but devastatingly effective for the long-suffering affiliate to make fast, easy cash from the internet.

I read the book in around 2 hours, visiting some of the resources mentioned in the book and trying out some of the techniques as I went along. The majority of the methods don't require you to have your own website, nor do they require you to be an expert in any particular internet marketing techniques, but it would probably help to peruse the Google Adwords help pages prior to starting the book if you aren't already familiar with it.

A couple of weeks after reading the book for myself I have managed to profit from a few of the techniques mentioned in the book, by spending a couple of hours each week on it. Now it is just a case of duplicating my effort and doubling and tripling my profits.

Overall I was extremely happy with Day Job Killer. The book has paid for itself in the last couple of weeks just by me putting the techniques to good use. Often I buy ebooks and I am disappointed after finding that they don't live up to all the hype on the sales page, but I felt like this one contained some really good original information and I hadn't come across the majority of techniques used in the book before. Yes, there were one or two techniques that didn't seem quite ethical to me, so I don't think I will use them all, but all in all it has certainly opened my eyes!

As with most things, it will take some time and effort to read the book and apply the techniques, so don't buy it if you are just going to have a quick glance, hope for a miracle then let it gather dust on your hard drive :-)

Order Day Job Killer Here.



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