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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Benefits of Article Marketing

Search engine optimization is comprised of two different aspects: on page SEO, or the tactics you can employ on the pages of your website; and off page SEO, or the tactics you can employ once your website goes live.

Off page SEO is mainly – and some would say entirely – comprised of strategies that will help you build your link popularity. Your link popularity refers to the number of back links in the World Wide Web which point to your website.

So, we can say that the road to search engine prominence is paved in back links – lots and lots of back links.

And the best way to build up the number of links to your website is article marketing.

Article marketing is a strategy that involves the submission of informative articles to the many article directories in the World Wide Web. Every internet user is searching for a particular piece of information. If your articles provide the information they need, these internet users will naturally seek out your works. And since your articles will be hosted in a multitude of places, it will be easy for them to find what you have written.

So, how does this work to your favor, exactly?
  • Your articles are your copyrighted works. By submitting them to the article directories, you’ll be inviting web publishers to reproduce your articles in their websites. However, this comes with the condition that your articles should not be modified in any way. They should all be kept intact.
  • You are allowed to include a resource box per article. In this resource box, you can briefly introduce yourself as well as your business, and more importantly, you can include a link to your website. Since your articles should be reproduced in their entirety, your resource box will be preserved and your link will appear in every website where your articles will be published.
  • You alone hold intellectual ownership over your articles. Hence, even if you’d submit them to the article directories, there is no bar in using the same articles for other endeavors in the future.

The Benefits Of Article Marketing
There are many reasons why article marketing has become a powerful online marketing strategy in this day and age. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Article marketing will allow you to build up your links pretty fast, depending on how many and how regularly you will submit your articles.
  • Article marketing, in effect, will help increase your link popularity, which in turn will help increase your website’s page rank. This means that your website will fare better in search engine results for relevant keywords.
  • Article marketing will help you build your brand. People will view you as an expert. As such they’d have an easier time trusting you. This is excellent for pre-selling tactics and building relationships with your prospects.
  • Article marketing plants perpetual seeds that you can harvest for many, many years. For as long as the articles are hosted in the article directories, you’d always have a chance of winning some visitors.

Writing Your Articles
You can write your own articles. Preparing a 250 to 1,500 word article is not that difficult, if you have the writing skills as well as the time for the same.

But if you have neither of these, you can always hire a content writer. Fees range from a low $2.50 to a high $30 per article. You can always try freelancing websites such as , and to find the writer best suited for your needs.

Once your articles are finished, you can submit them to the many article directories out there . Visit Article Submission Directories and Tools for more information about article directories and tools to speed up the submission process.

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