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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yahoo Updates

Just a quickie, since it is 3am and I should really be thinking about sleeping. I've spent the last 8 hours or so putting together a new website for a (non internet marketing) ebook, which I may mention in a few weeks time when I actually get round to finishing the book.

Yahoo has just updated it's index and it looks like my recent SEO efforts have paid off - hooray!

I optimized the main page of my site for the term "How to Start an Internet Business". Although this won't bring as much traffic as something like "Home Business" or "Work from Home", Wordtracker reports there being over 100 searches a day for this term in both Yahoo and Google.

So it looks like I am #4 in Yahoo for How to Start an Internet Business (without the quotes) and #2 in Yahoo for "How to Start an Internet Business" (with the quotes). Also, by complete accident I am #5 for How to start a home business & I'm in the top page for a handful of lesser searched phrases.

As for Google, I have no idea what's going on there, but I have been in and out of position twenty-something over the last couple of weeks. Must be something to do with Freshbot.

Time for bed now :-)



At 7:56 PM , Blogger Simon Strutt said...

Hi Suzanne,

Great Blog - sounds like you know what you're doing with regards to PIPS marketing, search engines etc.....fancy some coaching of a newbie?

At 8:23 PM , Blogger Suzanne said...


Thanks Simon. I replied to your email, but you are welcome to drop me an email and ask questions any time!

Take a look at my Beginner's Guide to Internet Marketing Promotion and Advertising Guide for some more tips...


At 11:56 AM , Blogger Simon Strutt said...

Hi Suzanne,

Looks like you're number 2 now in Yahoo's search engine!!!



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