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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A new website is born

Today I finished my second website!

Well, it's actually my third website, but I'm not counting my first one, since it's just an amateur round the world travel journal that I wrote back in 1998.

My new website is and is absolutely nothing to do with starting a home business, or internet marketing. For this reason, I can't wait to start promoting it. It's going to be so much easier and more fun to promote than my current site.

My first steps this week will be to finish writing an article on Florence, then submit this to as many article directories as possible with a link to my new site in the resource box. I'm also going to set up a few pay per click campaigns to drive some traffic to the site immediately. Oh, and I should really finish writing the ebook as well, otherwise I'll have nothing to sell :-)

I'll keep you posted on progress with this new site.

Nothing else exciting has been happening recently. I had a nasty flu bug for most of last week and spent 3 days in bed, practically unable to move. For the first time in months I didn't even want to use my computer - shock, horror! I'm glad to say that I've recovered now and I'm back to my normal self - trying to get another step closer to making a full time income from home....


At 10:07 PM , Blogger Simon Strutt said...

Hi Suzanne!

Glad you're feeling better and the new website looks great.

I visited Florence as a 17 year old backpacker some 17 years ago whilst travelling round Europe for two months....can't believe it was so long ago!

Love Italy.....still to ski there though!



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