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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Story so far

At the beginning of last year (2004) I started searching on the internet for ways to make money online. It wasn't that I was particularly skint or anything like that - just that I wasn't feeling very fulfilled with my day job. Software engineering doesn't really float my boat, shall we say.

I ended up joining SFI, otherwise known as Strong Future International. If you've not heard of them before, this is a free to join affiliate program that allows you to make money by selling products such as books, vitamins, cleaning products, pet products and other stuff through your own Veruni store. You can also recruit other affiliates and make money when they buy or sell products.

Soon after joining SFI I realised that it was going to be hard to be successful with SFI without having my own website. I consider myself to be ok at website development, but when I came across the Plugin Profit Site I couldn't resist signing up. By signing up for a Plugin Profit Site, I received my very own personalised website that promoted SFI along with 4 other affiliate programs (Empowerism, Host4Profit, Internet Marketing Center and Traffic Swarm), I also got my own ezine, complete with home business articles, that promoted each of the 5 programs.

This meant that I didn't have to wait months as I researched and developed my own website. I received my website in less than 24 hours! Amazing!

Since then I have gone from being an Internet Marketing numpty who thought that I just had to submit my website to a search engine and bingo! visitors, money, easy life, to someone who as learned a fair bit about the topics of search engine optimization and website promotion. I wouldn't call myself an expert yet, but I'm impressed with the amount that I've soaked up over the last few months.

I've now had my website "How to Start an Internet Business" for 9 months and as you can see I've made a fair number of changes to it - some redesign, as change of colour and lots of extra pages of content.

Whenever someone signs up for a Plugin Profit Site through my site, I receive the following benefits:
- Empowerism - instant $20 bonus and $7 for per month
- Host4Profit - $10 per month
- SFI - Commision if my signup buys anything or sells anything
- Internet Marketing Center - Commision if my signup buys anything or sells anything
- Traffic Swarm - 100 free credits, extra credits when my signup surfs and $5 commision per month if they upgrade to Pro

Over the last few months I've been getting around 8-10 signups per month. This gives me a minimum of an instant $20 bonus & $17 per month as long as they stick with the programs. Not bad at all!

I think I've waffled on enough for today, but I'll be back in my next post to talk about some of the Internet Marketing, Promotion and advertising methods that I've been using.

Bye for now!


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