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Is Submitting Articles to Article Directories a waste of my time?

Learn from Grace: Submitting Articles to Article Directories is a Waste of Your Valuable Time!

Natural Search Expert James Martell Says "Just Say NO to Article Directories!"

By Kellie Fowler
Freelance Copywriter

Grace, who just last year debuted her thriving wedding gown store in Santa Barbara CA to the world wide web when she created a website that would allow her to sell her gowns, bridesmaid dresses and accessories to a potentially limitless audience of brides-to-be, continues to chisel away at online success, but has noticed that she just isn’t getting the traffic to her site that she needs to make a real profit.

Determined, Grace works on her website almost daily, and even has a professional copywriter that provides her with unique, well-researched, keyword-rich articles that she submits to the article directories first thing every Saturday morning.

You see, Grace had been told that placing valuable content that links back to her site’s product pages on other websites, would drive her site higher in the search engine returns.

Truth be told, that just wasn’t happening.

Grace did notice that there were trickles of traffic from the other site’s clientele, but little else, and certainly no change in where her site ranked in search engine returns, for it remained on Google’s barely seen third page.

She had even bought article distribution software after reading an expertly crafted sales letter and could submit her writer’s articles to 300 directories with the push of a button!

Grace learns she is wasting her time, and the content her writer expertly developed

Late one night as Grace whittles away at her week’s website work, she decides to take a break and, after looking around the net, lands on a blog that tells all about a free 5-part mini workshop on backlinks. After reading what a participant wrote about the full course, her interest is piqued and she clicks the link to read more about the mini workshop.

Grace finds out that the FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course, as it is called, is actually excerpts and commentary from James Martell's recently held sold-out Backlinks Workshop. She relied on James downloadable handbook to help get her own site up and running and knows several people who have taken James’ courses and boy, are they ever impressed.

FREE inbound link building course.Just knowing this free mini workshop is offered by Martell gives her the reassurance she needs, for she already knows Martell to be one of a few credible, trusted resources on the Net.

And, as a proven natural search expert, Martell knows how to get traffic without spending money and that’s exactly what Grace wants. As a small business owner, she knows a little sweat equity will go along way and just doesn’t want to tie up any more money in her website until she starts seeing some kind of results.

Just as important, as Grace reads about the FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course, she realizes that each session will be delivered directly to her inbox (one a day for five days), and she can listen to these on her desktop, from her iPod or iPhone, and even save them to a CD for later reference. This is perfect for her busy lifestyle. And, because each session is a 30-minute overview of the full-length workshop, it will provide her with just enough information to understand where she is going wrong with the search engines and help to right her efforts.

In fact, the blogger that provided the information on Martell’s 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course called the sessions “easy listening,” and said each was packed with tips, tools, and even action items that could be implemented right away to help develop a more successful, more profitable inbound link campaign.

To think, Martell was even offering this for free! She knew he regularly offered his students great incentives on his trainings, but a free mini course that offered some real “nuts and bolts” information was the primer she knew she needed.

Finally, Grace starts to understand the search engines (particularly Google) and why her past efforts weren’t working, and what to do about it

One of the first things Grace learned was that the search engines continue to evolve and the backlinks that use to work so well just don’t any more. That’s because Google simply doesn’t need 300 copies of the same article in search engine results – they only need one.

In fact, the search engines “filter out” all this duplicate content, so “machine-gunning” them out every Saturday was really in direct conflict with what the search engines wanted, making this a total waste of her time.

Frustrated, but eager to get it right, Grace also learned that, like herself, many other webmasters struggle with this process and feel overwhelmed and confused with all the conflicting information out there about this.

Additionally, most webmasters are busy just like she is and tempted to look for an easy way out, which is exactly what article submission software and article directories are.

As Martell explained it in the FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course, the key to gaining top search ranking is gaining search engine trusted inbound links. That’s because the search engines, especially Google, where a site’s web pages are listed in the search results by analyzing the other pages on the Internet that link back to that website; hence, article directories no longer provide the SEO (search engine optimization) benefits they use to.

Listening to the mini series from her iPod during her morning run each day. Grace also learned:

  • Google has alarm bells that go off when all of the sudden a website has 290 inbound links
  • Google likes to see varied anchor text in the articles. Using article submission software products, each of the articles submitted by Grace are identical, including your anchor text, which is NOT a good thing
  • Google has more than likely discounted all of these top article directories and are not providing any “backlink credit” for the content Grace sends to these
  • Google is amazingly smart and does a tremendous job at protecting their search results from these types of strategies

Another thing Graced took note of as Martell explained all of this in the mini-course is that inbound linking these days is NOT at all about quantity, but rather about quality. So much for sending hundreds of the same article out at once!

Martell’s proven PAD (Professional Article Distribution) technique works

To get more traffic to her site and the top 10 rankings and additional customers she wanted, Grace learned she would need to provide content that was well-written, keyword rich and valuable to the search engines and her target market to other webmasters with websites that Google and other search engines considered to be trusted websites.

So Grace called her writer and together they brainstormed some great topic ideas for a new batch of articles and Grace sent her writer an updated list of keywords to sprinkle throughout each.

Grace then explained to her writer a bit about Martell’s PAD technique, which he provides an overview of in his FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course.

Grace then followed the other advice Martell talks about in his mini workshop and began working to find and analyze potential PAD partners (webmasters who would publish her articles on their site). Of course, she wanted to make sure their site was, in fact, trusted by the search engines and using the information Martell provided, she was learning the basics of how to analyze this.

Working as a team, as Grace contacted and communicated with the webmasters who she determined through her analysis boasted search engine trusted websites, while her writer wrote ten 600- to 800-word articles and carefully embed three text links pointing back to Grace’s wedding gown website within each article.

The plan, as Martell explained, called for Grace to then send each new webmaster, or backlinks partner, a unique article, with the end result being 10 great articles, each with three nice text links pointing back to Grace’s pages on her site, located on 10 different trusted websites.

That’s the high quality the search engines are looking for and there’s no duplicate content.

Thanks to Martell’s FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course, Grace felt like she had established a great new foundation from which she could shape and mold the online success she previously only dreamed about, and she looked forward to joining in on Martell’s other teachings and to the top 10 search results she just knew she was going to achieve.

Remember, there are absolutely no strings attached and like Grace, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including higher search engine results, more traffic and stronger results!

About The Author

Kellie Fowler is an award-winning freelance writer who enjoys her 2 rescue dogs, kayaking, fly-fishing, reading and writing. She is the owner of, a full-service writing company that provides content packages and ongoing subscriptions for Webmasters worldwide on topics ranging from backlinks to finding proven small business opportunities. Kellie currently also freelances for several international groups, Fortune 500 companies, and well-known national magazines and newspapers.

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