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How to generate traffic on squidoo using articles

Traffic Generation Tips - How To Generate Traffic With Articles Using Squidoo

There are many ways of generating traffic with articles but the latest strategy involves using a website called Squidoo which has been attracting attention recently as it can easily be used to achieve top rankings for competitive keywords in a variety of niche markets.

Once you have set up your free account you will be able to create your own lens (web page) which will be hosted on their website. One reason why so many people are using it is that you can include affiliates links on your lens and you can start generating profits even if you don't have your own domain and hosting account.

The main benefit of using Squidoo is that its search engine friendly so if you create keyword rich quality content you will rank on the first page of the search engine results pages even for competitive keywords. This is why its become so popular because you can generate free traffic for your affiliate links or your own website.

To set up your own lens you first need to decide which market you want to target and then find a suitable product which you can promote as an affiliate. For best results you also need to find a few long tail keyword phrases that have less competition as it will be far easier and quicker to achieve top rankings (and the traffic will be more responsive).

Then you need to create your lens and you can do this by adding relevant modules. The first module is the introduction which is automatically included on every lens that you create. Then you can choose from a variety of different options available.

As Squidoo is a social networking website its best to add interactive features to your lens and the most popular is the poll module which is very useful for finding out what your target market thinks and wants. You can then add write modules to your lens which you can use to insert quality content on your page. So the format should be the introduction followed by a poll and then a few articles.

There are many other modules which you can add to spice up your lens such as related products from Amazon or Ebay and you will receive 50% commission for any sales that you generate. Every lens automatically has Google Adsense ads displayed on it and you will also share the profits from this as well.

You can also include a list of useful links and if you choose the Plexo option it will allow visitors to vote for which link is the most relevant with the best listed at the top (this makes your lens more interactive and keeps your visitors interested for longer). There is also an RSS module which you can use to put fresh content on your page.

Other features include adding a guest book module to your lens which allows other members to comment on your page and you can also include videos by using the You Tube module. There is also a way to put an opt in form on your lens so that visitors can subscribe directly from your page (you will need to search for the video that explains how to do this).

If you create dozens of lenses in many different niche markets using long tail keywords you will find it much easier to achieve top rankings. As well as profiting from the features on your lens you can also include links to any products that you have created or are promoting as an affiliate.

With so many different target markets available its impossible to be an expert in them all, but you can solve this problem by using PLR articles and breaking up the content over several related lenses. This allows you to quickly and easily profit from smaller niche markets even if you have limited knowledge of the subject matter.


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