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Free Traffic Squidoo Style

Squidoo is a Web 2.0 site, which means it’s a website with members who post whatever they like on their ‘lenses’ and invite other Squidoo members to view them and vote on them.

This may not sound like a brilliant source for generating traffic, but it is because Squidoo is really, really good at getting the lenses ranked highly in the search engines. And that means that you can build a ‘lens’ on Squidoo that targets a keyword or phrase in your niche and let Squidoo do all the work to get it ranked in the search engines.

You can include promotional information about you and your products on your Squidoo lens, along with some valuable information for visitors and then wait for the targeted, pre-qualified visitors to find their way to your sales page!

Squidoo is free to join and you can create as many pages or lenses as you like. It’s not even much extra work; you can recycle content you already have in the form of blog posts, articles or excerpts from your information product.

Leveraging content that you already have at your disposal can result in a steady stream of targeted visitors that already like what they’ve seen on your lens, making them predisposed to purchase your information product.

Squidoo is the perfect tool for targeting the long tail in your niche. Targeting the long tail is a traffic generation that I’ve had considerable success with in highly competitive niches.

To target the long tail, first you research your niche and make a list of 3-5 word key phrases that your target market is using to search the internet. Once you have that list of phrases you can start building lenses on Squidoo that are themed around those phrases.

Squidoo works with you to optimize your lens for the key phrase you have chosen to target and soon you will have a presence in the search engine results for your targeted key phrase.

In the process of building your lenses, link them together so that visitors to one of your Squidoo lenses can surf the network of niche specific content you’re offering, the longer you can keep them looking at your content, the more chance you have of getting them to visit your sales page.

Squidoo also allows you to include products from several internet retailers, like Amazon. If you have relevant videos on YouTube, you can embed them on your lenses too, and we know that internet surfers love video!

Income from your lenses is assigned to you using a ‘secret’ formula that Squidoo uses to share it between them and you. Some internet marketers are skeptical about this because they feel that Squidoo is ripping them off… my take on this is, if I can get targeted, pre qualified traffic that is predisposed to buying my product and Squidoo is going to pay me while I get them? I’ll take a piece of that!

Squidoo is a useful addition to my traffic generation strategy. My Squidoo lenses regularly show up in the top 10 sources of traffic to my sales page. It cost me nothing to set up the lenses, I update them with content I’m also using on my blogs or newsletter and I only spend about an hour a month on them.

If you’re not convinced that you should Squidoo by now, it’ll only take an hour or two or your time to set up a couple of lenses using content you already have. Isn’t it worth a go?


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