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Tracking your Ads

If you want to advertise and promote your website or opportunity successfully you must use an ad tracker. Whether you are using online classified ads, banner ads, ezine ads or solo ads you need to track your advertising.

If you are using free advertising, you can save yourself vast amounts of time using an ad tracker and if you are using paid advertising you can prevent yourself spending money on on advertising that doesn't work.

Using a unique ad tracking URL for each ad that you place will allow you to see exactly how many clicks your ad gets from each source and you'll also be able to see which headline or ad copy works the best by comparing the results of two campaigns.

This will allow you to spend your time and money on advertising that works by eliminating the advertising that isn't working and concentrating on the advertising that is working.

Tracking your ads is easy when you have an ad tracking program. There are various ad trackers on the market ranging from free ad trackers, ad trackers with a one off cost and ad trackers with a monthly or yearly cost.

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Here are some recommended ad trackers:

AdMinder - this ad tracking service includes a free 14 day trial, then costs $19.95 per month. As well as tracking unique clicks to an unlimited amount of ads, you can also track sales and conversions, so you can work out whether your advertising is actually leading to a sale or a signup. I personally use AdMinder and find it very easy to use and effective in tracking all my campaigns.

HyperTracker - this ad tracking service is similar to Adminder and offers a free 14 day trial. Monthly prices range from $14.95 - $19.95 depending on how many months you pay in advance. You can compare click through rates of all your ads, along with the conversion rates.

Are there any times when you shouldn't use an ad tracker? The answer to this is "yes" All search engines take into account link popularity when ranking websites. If you are trying to increase backlinks to your website by writing articles, exchanging links, using links in signatures in forums, or writing press releases it will be more beneficial not to use an ad tracker in this case, so that the link from the other website helps your search engine ranking.

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